SPAfternoon Tea

A sumptuous collection of products inspired by the traditional Afternoon Tea.
Pick a luxury Spa product using any of the wonderful 'flavours' below to enjoy the delightful aromas and skin-softening ingredients without gaining a pound!

*Cucumber Sandwiches**
*Lemon Drizzle
*Victoria Sponge (Vanilla)
*Eton Mess
*Chocolate Orange Truffle
*Peppermint Tea
*Apple Crumble
*Prosecco & Strawberry (Lip Balm only)
*Gin & Tonic (Lip Balm only)
*Fruit Cup/Pimm's (Lip Balm only)

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Cucumber Sandwiches - A beautiful scent - a light, fresh fragrance with hints of cucumber, apple and soft marine combined with floral notes of rose, white jasmine and waterlily on a base of cedar and vanilla.

Lemon Drizzle - A fresh and zingy fragrance that will refresh and enliven the senses. Fruity, clean and rich, this citrus scent is super indulgence suitable for everyone.

Victoria Sponge - A beautiful vanilla based scent that is both sweet and indulgent. This unmistakable delight evokes memories of home comforts.

Eton Mess - A fruity and delicate combination of scents that combine to create a luxurious hint of summer. The strawberry aroma lifts you away to sun drenched garden parties and Afternoon Teas.

Chocolate Orange Truffle - Chocolate lovers beware! This is a base of dark chocolate and layered with touches of fig, orange zest, almonds, and a hint of vanilla. Move over Terry!

Apple Crumble - Just imagine the warm aroma of hot, freshly stewed apples encased in a golden crumble topping with a sprinkling of cinnamon. Mmmm

Peppermint Tea  - An essential oil blend of peppermint, spearmint & rosemary. It's great in pedicures to get the circulation boosted and is also good in massage for muscular aches & pains.  It's popular with the men as it doesn't smell 'girly'. Please note, the Lip Balm is just peppermint essential oil.

Gin & Tonic (Lip Balm only) - With essential oils of juniper & lemon this evokes the scent of the quintessentially British drink down to a (G&) T

Prosecco & Strawberries (Lip Balm only) - A fresh juicy strawberry scent